a highly effective procedure when the human body is wrapped in a plastic bag filled with CO2 gas. The organism reacts by  broadening vessels and it causes the higher blood return in all parts of the human body. This way the imunity is strengthened and the whole organism adjusts. It has a beneficial effect on the vessel system, supresses the production of varixes,it helps in after the stroke and angina pectoris situations, and it lowers the blood pressure. It influences the hormonal system, supresses the menstruation pain, and helps with the sterility troubles etc. It helps against neurosis, migraine and depressions. It reduces problems with swellings, rheumatism, oesterophorosis. It cures scars, venous ulcerations and burns.[English] plynobalka


  1. Taking off the clothes of the low part of the body
  2. The bag is fastened
  3. The bag is filled by CO2 and the client relaxes.
  4. The nurse puts gently the gas out from the bag, ( the client has no possible headache).

Time duration: 30 minutes